TRN: Carpool Organization

Turn helps make carpooling easier! It organizes who takes a turn and what route is the fastest for your group. This app prototype goes through the process of creating an account, creating a carpool group, and viewing the fastest route for your drive. To design the app I created personas and wireframes. I also made initial prototypes with the wireframes which then went through usability testing. After the testing I then applied the branding design and created the final prototype.


For this project we needed to design an app. We thought of different app ideas and then looked at our competitors. I chose to go with a carpool organization app. Unlike other carpool apps, I wanted this to be for parents and have a user interface that was intuitive and simple. Below is the process to get to the final app. All of these steps helped make sure the app had a solid UX design.

User Stories

Story Process Flows

Initial Wireframes

Final Prototype